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Where to start?
I'm now a daddy, to a beautiful 2 year old girl. Makes me feel really old. I've finally pulled myself together and started setting long term goals in life, far too many and far too long winded to list them here.

I'm due to be married in 10 days, never felt nerves like it! Having my stag night the night before the wedding, been told this is an unwise idea and recent Hollywood releases lead me to believe this advice is correct although I don't think many bearded retards, Asian gangsters or monkeys will be attending so I should be fine.

There's been plenty more misadventures and a few successful ones in the passed few years but I'm far too lazy to detail them and I'm sure you're far too busy to read through it all any way.

In other words, hello again Newgrounds. It's good to be back.


2007-10-20 15:34:44 by benjamin050389

so i was standing at the till of some shop last night, buying beer and tobcco.
I ask the shop keeper for amber leaf, he gets golden Virgina, and puts it in the bag! I was like dude what the hell, i want amber leaf!!! so he he gets what i asked for and tries to work out a refund, not hard to do right? so he gets pissed off with it and calls the manager over to get things sorted out.
while she gets the refund under way, he serves another customer. when she's finished she gives me my change and i'm on my way, so just another trip to the shops right?
NO. the fools forgot to ask my for the money, infact, i walked out with 44p more than i walked in with.
Hahaha another shop riped off!


2007-10-13 08:37:31 by benjamin050389

dose any one else out there have like no money? or do you have lots of money, if so then sent some to me!